Andes, Amazonas & Caribbean

Venezuela is the real deal when you talk about Nature Diversity in South America.
No place in the continent offers such a contrast with 2-3 hours drive in between each destination and this tour is a proof of that.
No matter where you go in Southamerica, only Venezuela offers this opportunity.
Probably the best picture you can get of Venezuela, this unique combination features the Andes mountains and its superb Cable Car (longest System of the World), the exciting Llanos with its vast wildlife, the mangrove swamps, virgin jungle and the Warao Indians of the Orinoco Delta and the table top mountains and dense rainforest of Angel Falls and the turquoise – blue waters & white coral sand of Los Roques or the spectacular full of idyllic palm trees beaches of Choroni


So many Highlights…
– Small groups! Enjoy nature to the max always away of crowds like all high ranked destinations of South America.
-Visit Mucubaji Lagoon and Hike to Laguna Negra
– Visit the Andean Condor Biological Station and learn about the largest flying bird in the world with 3.3 meters wingspan.
– Close encounters with highlights such as Giant Anteaters, Orinoco Crocodiles, Spectacle alligators, Capybaras, Giant River Otters, Scarlet Macaws, Anacondas and a vast selection of neotropical birds.
– Ride a boat onto the Matiyure river and get impressed by the vast amount of wildlife with unrivaled photographic opportunities.
-Enjoy the unique simplicity of Warao living in their stilt houses on the Orinoco river and with their day-to-day scenes of this beautiful, pure area.
– Ride a boat in the Orinoco river, one of South America’s longest rivers flowing 1330 miles through Venezuela and Columbia and finally emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.
-Go piranha fishing!

– Go out paddling in a small Orinoco tributary and enjoy the sounds of the jungle waking up!
– Ride a canoe in the jungle surrounded by unique rock formations, jungle, red color water rivers, wildlife, nowhere else you will do that!
– Hike only 3 kilometers to the base of Angel Falls and get the picture you always dreamed of!
– Overnight in hammock front of Angel Falls
– Walk underneath Sapo Falls and feel the power of nature
– Take a boat and enjoy the views of Canaima Lagoon with its 4 different waterfalls.
– Go snorkeling and find abundant marine life around the coral reef, a must for snorkeling lovers.
– Soak up the secluded atmosphere of the white sand beaches of the Archipelago.
– Enjoy a boat trip across the turquoise waters of Los Roques

If you take to Choroni at the end
-Blue Water beaches with palm trees at barely 10 minutes by foot away
– Cocoa and sugar cane plantations

icon-itinerary Itinerary

Day 1

Caracas- Merida

Our tour starts with a flight to Merida early in the morning. After we arrive, our first stop is at a sugarcane plantation where will learn about the process of transforming the sugar cane juice to brown sugar locally known as “panela” . After that, we will have a short visit to the only salt lake of Venezuela known as Urao Lagoon to continue our drive in the cloud forest of to visit a Coffee Farm where we can see the old machines and get immersed in the coffee process. Lunch en route to Merida city.
Balance of day on your own to go out and explore the city.
Overnight at local standard posada.

Day 2

Merida- Paramo – Barinas

We drive along dramatic mountain roads towards the Andean Páramo. We will find Andean villages up to El Aguila Peak (4,125m) with panoramic views of the Andean peaks and the Condor Monument which crowns the highest point of the Transandean Highway of Venezuela. After that, we will visit the Mucubaji Lagoon (3,600m) in Sierra Nevada National Park for a 4kms hike to Laguna Negra as we enter a microclimate that receives more rain and humidity than the surrounding Páramo area. This extra humidity gives life to an interesting diversity of plant species, adding greenery to the windswept Páramo region. Laguna Negra known due its black water forms a perfect mirror that esentially disappears and is replaced by the reflection of the trees on the mountainside. After enjoying the tranquil scenery of this lagoon, we will visit the Andean Condor Biological station to learn about this fascinating Andean Bird which is the largest flying bird in the world by combined measurement of weight and wingspan with 3.3 meters.
We will drive to Barinas for overnight at standard hotel.

Day 3

Barinas – Llanos – El Cedral

Early departure from Barinas where you will meet your guide and 3 hours car transfer to Hato El Cedral. After lunch we go for a walk around the lodge to get familiarized with the facilities, we will easily find Buff Necked Ibis, Jabiru and Maguari Stork nests. Up in the trees you will also find Red Howler Monkeys which are always active looking for fruits; you may encounter the Venezuelan Troupial (Venezuela’s national Bird) , Great Horned owl (not very active during the day), Scarlet Macaws, Giant Wrens and many more birds species. You will also find Iguanas that are quite familiar with people and Spectacle alligators, Llanos Tortoises refreshing in the water front of the lodge.
At 330pm you will ride a truck towards south of the ranch to spot more interesting species like Capybaras, White Tailed Deers, Anacondas, Giant Anteaters, Savanna Fox, Pumas and Orinoco Crocodiles. We will return to the lodge enjoying the sunset on the savanna.
Dinner and overnight at Campamento Matiyure in Hato El Cedral.

Day 4

El Cedral

Wake up with the sounds of birds who live around the lodge and enjoy a walk on your own with the sunrise. After breakfast we will go by truck to explore the west side of Hato El Cedral to spot anacondas, Crab eating racoons, Whistleing ducks, Red Scarlet Ibis, Glossy Ibis among other interesting species.
After a tasty lunch we will relax and get ready for the most exciting part of the tour which is the boat ride onto Matiyure river. We will go south to spot the rare Agami Heron in the gallery forest, we may also find the Giant Potoo sleeping on the top of a dead branch, the fascinating Hoatzin, Sunbitters and their flashy feathers, we will surely be followed by the Black Collared Hawk which expects to be fed with fresh piranhas that we will catch along the river, a few Yellow Headed Caracaras and the superb Black Buzzard Hawk. The Llanos Tortoises and Spectacle alligators will observe us from a distance and get fresh meat from us. The piranha fishing is just amazing as well as a mini Aligator’s feeding show.
We will return with an amazing sunset on the Matiyure river and wetlands while observing thousands of birds returning to their nests.
Dinner and overnight at Campamento Matiyure in Hato El Cedral.

Day 5

El Cedral

After breakfast you will have leisure time to relax or / and go out in search of more wildlife. We can get you the boat trip in the morning which allows great shots with a different light. After lunch we will drive back to Barinas to complete this amazing Llanos experience and fly to Caracas for overnight by the airport.

Day 6

Caracas – Orinoco Delta

We fly from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz and then by road to the Uracoa pier and then by boat to our jungle lodge. The camp is located in the middle of the dense rainforest, on one of the many tributaries of the Orinoco river. From the comfort of your boat you can observe a wide variety of flora and fauna – water hyacinths, pink dolphins, giant river otters, anacondas, tortoises and red howler monkeys, etc. Along the riverbanks you will see Warao Indigenous villages with their unique raised dwellings (palafitos), built over the river’s edge. Upon arrival at the camp, you will be shown to your private cabins, and afforded some time to relax before lunch and your first excursion. After lunch, it’s time to take a leisurely walk through the rainforest that surrounds the Orinoco. Here you will experience the wild, natural habitat of the virgin jungle. Once under the canopy, your Warao guide will point out edible plants which you will get a chance to taste, or if your stomach is strong enough you can try the juicy grubs that can be found living in the dead trees and vegetation! When you return to the camp, you will relax before dinner. If you wish, you may swim in the river by the camp, or just sit and observe one of the fabulous delta sunsets. After a delicious dinner you will have the chance of enjoying the silence of the Orinoco river from the harbor of the camp.

Day 7

Orinoco Delta – Ciudad Bolivar

The morning will take you into navigation the Orinoco river in search of various species that live there- among the highlights; there are river dolphins and spectacled caiman in the water, capuchin and red howler monkeys up in the dense foliage, hummingbirds and kingfishers in the skies above. Back to the camp for lunch, you will be taken on a boat trip to some of the Warao villages and palafitos that line the riverbanks in this part of Orinoco. Your guide will explain about Warao culture, and the flow of the community’s daily life –a truly fascinating experience. Here, we will have an opportunity to meet some of their craftsmen, and inspect some of their workmanship, first-hand. After lunch you will be taken out to a quiet spot in the river to do some Piranha fishing and after lunch we travel by river one last time to Uracoa pier and drive up to Ciudad Bolivar for overnight at a local posada.

Day 8

Ciudad Bolivar – Canaima National Park

The Angel Falls are located deeply inside Canaima National Park. Your tour begins with a flight from Ciudad Bolívar or Puerto Ordaz to the Canaima Lagoon area, from which you can see a group of four different cascades known as Hacha, Wadaima, Ucaima and Golondrina. After a tasty lunch at a local indigenous village you will be taken across the lagoon and walk along the pink sand banks and up, through the jungle to the majestic Sapo Falls. From this point and on, you may swim in the lake before walking up through the jungle and behind the falls while enjoying a great scenery through a powerful water curtain. Dinner at the camp before going to sleep (beds) to the sound of crickets. Feel free to walk in the Pemon Community and get to know a bit more about the Pemon culture.

Day 9

Angel Falls

After breakfast, you will walk through the jungle before taking a motorized canoe up Carrao and Churún rivers towards the spectacular Angel falls. As you travel along the rivers for about 4 hours, you will have the time to take in the lush scenery and the fantastic Tepuys, you will enjoy a light picnic lunch afterwards. At Devil’s Canyon, you can see the Angel Falls cascading 1km down from the top of Auyántepuy and running all the way to Churún river. From here this point, you will walk up through the jungle for about an hour to the Mirador Laime viewpoint and then down to the rock pools near the base of the falls. If you get lucky, you may swim in the freshwater of Angel Falls. After this magnificent experience, you will have a delicious, freshly meal prepared by a local Pemon at the base camp. Have a good sleep in our comfortable hammocks by the tallest fall in the world, if you have not experienced sleeping in hammocks, your tour guide will show how to get a perfect sleep as local Pemons do.

Day 10

Angel Falls- Canaima Lagoon – Ciudad Bolivar- Caracas

After a quick breakfast at the base camp, you will travel back down the river to Canaima town, lunch will be ready for you before taking a final flight over the jungle towards Ciudad Bolívar airport. We will drive you to Puerto Ordaz for your afternoon flight to Caracas where our staff will collect you and take you to a hotel by the airport.

With Los Roques…

Day 11

Caracas – Los Roques

Our tour starts with a 45 minutes flight from Caracas to Gran Roque in Los Roques Archipelago early in the morning; after meeting our representative you will walk for a few minutes to our selected accommodation for check in.
Our tour starts with a boat trip to a nearby key where you can relax and enjoy the sea from the comfort of your chair protected with an umbrella and enjoy our boxed lunch. Go out for snorkeling to explore the island’s waters by swimming among schools of tropical fish and other marine life. Return to Gran Roque and balance of the afternoon on own. Dinner and overnight at your chosen posada.

Day 12

Los Roques

Go out in an early walk around Gran Roque and enjoy the Sea Gulls, Pelicans and Boobies diving in the sea looking for fresh fishes with the sunrise light before breakfast. Feel free to visit a nearby key in an optional boat trip that starts around 10am. Boxed lunch on the beach, chairs and umbrella are included. Boat returns by 4pm, Dinner and overnight at your chose posada.

Day 13

Los Roques Caracas

Breakfast. Leisure day on your own. Flight to Caracas with spectacular views of Los Roques from the air.
Airport pick up and overnight at standard hotel.

Day 14


Breakfast, Join our Caracas city tour as optional and get ready for your next destination.

Or Choroni- Henri Pittier National Park

Day 11

Caracas – Choroni

Our tour departs early in the morning from Caracas crossing Maracay city and the Henri Pittier National Park in a 150 kms journey. We will drive through the rainforest of the Coastal Range reaching 2200 meters high and driving down all the way to the fishermen village of Choroni. Check in upon arrival and leisure afternoon to explore the town and visit Playa Grande beach and or enjoy the sunset from the view point overlooking the whole village. Dinner at the posada.

Day 12

Choroni – Tuja

After breakfast we will embark to Tuja beach for about 40 minutes enjoying views of the coast and different unhabited and isolated beaches. Once you reach Tuja, we will set up the camp and get ready for the Paddle Surf instruction plus get time to go our snorkeling in the surroundings of the beach. BBQ Lunch with a tasty and fresh fish with soft drinks and cocktails, we will enjoy the balance of the day relaxing on the sand with a pleasant view of the green waters of Tuja beach, you will also have time to explore the little village and see how the fishermen spend their time working or relaxing. Don’t miss a picture from the Tuja view point. We will return to Choroni with the sea current by 4pm. Balance of day on own, dinner at the posada.

Day 13

Choroni Caracas

After breakfast we will enjoy a morning free to explore the village and we will drive back to Caracas after lunch.

icon-itinerary Included


– Accommodation in bedrooms with private bathroom in standard lodges
– 1 night in hammocks/ camping place front of Angel Falls
– All land, and boat transfers in the tours
– All meals as outlined in the itinerary
– English speaking local guides in all the different destinations
– Assistance 24/7

NOT Included

– Airport taxes, allow US$ 20 per person
– Soft and alcohol drinks
– Gratuities to staff
– Souvernirs
– National Park fees in Canaima and Los Roques, allow US$ 40 per person
– Travel Insurance
– Cable Car tickets in Merida, allow US$ 55 per person


icon-itinerary Additional information

– Join this trip all year round, even better during the dry season of Canaima National park between December and May.
– This tour can be shortened or even extended, ask us how!
– Departures every day except Saturdays
– We depart with minimum 1 passenger and maximum 12 participants
– We can arrange hotel accommodation in Caracas or other cities where you start and or finish this trip


Best seasons:
– Angel Falls: In rainy Season From May until January
– Llanos:  From November until May is good, February -May is the best.
– Andes & Orinoco Delta: all year round, best during dry season.
– Los Roques & Choroni: All year round.

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