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Lost City

Explore the scenic backcountry of Colombia on a 4- or 5-day trek to this legendary site, hidden deep in the dense jungle. 

4 days trek from Santa Marta
Not available in September

Salento and Cocora Valley

Discover a stunning landscape at the foot of Los Nevados on a 2 days trip to Salento and Cocora Valley.
Learn about the coffee process and so much more.

Min 2 days 


Arriving via Bogota?

Let us assist you at the very beginning of your experience in Colombia.  We can pick you up at the airport, get you a perfect place to stay and show you the best of Bogota and its whereabouts.  

2-3 days is perfect!



Visit a real hidden gem of Colombia.  Explore caves, swim in waterfalls and get amazed by the paintings of pre hispanic cultures that populated this lost world in the Colombian Llanos. 

3 -5 days 

Punta Gallinas

Enjoy some of Colombia’s most spectacular beaches, sand dunes, wonderful landscapes, culture, natural scenery on this unique 4×4 off the the beaten track adventure.

4-5 days

Caño Cristales

Located in the Sierra de La Macarena National Natural Park, “The River of Five Colors” also known as “The Liquid Rainbow.”  is one of the most amazing places and a definitely a Nature Wonder of Colombia.

3-4 days

This experience takes you to a verdant paradise, with unspoiled Caribbean beaches, cryptic archeological ruins, fantastic nature reserves and charming coffee farms. 

13 days or even longer

Colombia is primed to share its ancient and colonial heritage, its abundant natural beauty and a sincere warmth that makes everyone feel genuinely welcome. This trip takes you from the superb Bogota to coffee plantations and their jewel in the Caribbean: Cartagena.

9 days or even longer

Colombia and Venezuela in one shot! 2 Southamerican icons together.  A 12 days experience takes you from cryptic archeological ruins in the northeast of Colombia, to the bottom of the tallest waterfall on earth in the South of Venezuela:  Angel Falls

From The Lost City to The Lost World

Colombia and Venezuela hiking icons.  A 17 days thrilling adventure takes you from cryptic archeological ruins in the northeast of Colombia to the top of a unique rock formation in the south of Venezuela that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write his book: The Lost World