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Colombia is a singular mix of old and new: charming city centres and cobblestone streets left behind from Spanish colonial times, interwoven with a thriving cultural scene and a spicy-hot nightlife that extends to the early hours of the morning. Whether you want to feel the Caribbean sand between your toes on the beaches of Tayrona National Park, stroll around the streets of Cartagena, or raise a cup of one of the best coffees of the world. Colombia is ready to be discovered by you! 



Visiting Venezuela is rewarding, few countries in the world have this degree of natural beauty: Andean peaks, Caribbean coastline, Los Roques Archipelago, idyllic islands, grasslands teeming with wildlife, the steamy Orinoco Delta, Roraima Mountain and the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls. This is true trip-of-a-lifetime stuff, and right now you’ll have it pretty much all to yourself.


Bolivia is an energetic country alive with passion, awash with colour, connected to the past but living very much in the present. Get amazed by the biodiversity of the Bolivian Amazon jungle, soak in thermal baths surrounded by erupting geysers and desert; marvel at ruins on Lake Titicaca’s Island of the Sun (the mythical birthplace of Inca civilization) and, of course, visit the stunning and inmense mega salt-lick of the Salar de Uyuni. 

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