Paramo tour

Visit one of the most interesting ecosystems found in the highlands of South America in this full day excursion that features Sierra Nevada and Sierra de La Culata National Parks, Andean villages, hiking and so much more


– Visit Mucubaji Lagoon and Hike to Laguna Negra
– Visit the Andean Condor Biological Station and learn about the the largest flying bird in the world with 3.3 meters wingspan.
– Great Local food and drinks
– Small Groups

icon-itinerary Itinerary

Early departure from Merida, we drive along dramatic mountain roads towards the Andean Páramo. We will find Andean villages up to El Aguila Peak (4,125m) with panoramic views of the Andean peaks and the Condor Monument which crowns the highest point of the Transandean Highway of Venezuela. After that, we will visit the Mucubaji Lagoon (3,600m) in Sierra Nevada National Park for a 4kms hike to Laguna Negra as we enter a microclimate that receives more rain and humidity than the surrounding Páramo area. This extra humidity gives life to an interesting diversity of plant species, adding greenery to the windswept Páramo region. Laguna Negra known due its black water forms a perfect mirror that esentially disappears and is replaced by the reflection of the trees on the mountainside. After enjoying the tranquil scenery of this lagoon, we will visit the Andean Condor Biological station to learn about this fascinating Andean Bird which is the largest flying bird in the world by combined measurement of weight and wingspan with 3.3 meters.
Our tour ends driving back to your hotel or your next destination.

icon-itinerary Included


– Ticket include all the 4 stations for a day use

NOT Included


– Gratuities to Staff
– Optional excursions around the stations


icon-itinerary Additional information

– This can be done anytime of the year but the best is during the dry seasons. December – March has very good weather.
– Minimal Requirements: Good physical condition, being able to walk at least 2 hour per day, some previous basic hiking experience.
– Temperatures during the day around 20 Celsius degrees.
– You can rent a horse for the Laguna Negra hike

– You can easily combine this tour with Llanos or Catatumbo, ask us how
– The itinerary presented is a guideline. Things may change with little or no notice due to local circumstances such as weather conditions, difficult access and other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances, events or any factor that might put the safety or well-being of our clients at risk.

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