Merida’s Cable Car

Venezuela’s must do also known as Mukumbari and iconic engineering marvel, it is the highest and second longest cable car system of the world with a 12.5 kilometers journey in total.


– This is a tour that you can do independently, no need to join an organized tour
– 12,5 kilometers of great views of the Andean Rainforest, Merida City, the Paramo, Bolivar Peak and much more.
– Join one of the mule or horse ride back tours run by locals around Loma Redonda
– Have a chocolate drink in Pico Espejo

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Mukumbarí is a cable car system in Venezuela located in the Venezuelan city of Mérida at an altitude of 1,640 metres (5,380 ft), and its terminus is on Pico Espejo, at 4,765 metres (15,633 ft). It is the highest and second longest cable car in the world for just 500 meters, but is in first place for being the only one which combined such height and length. Mérida Cable Car is a journey of 12.5 kilometers, reaching a height of 4,765 meters, making it an engineering marvel that is one of a kind and has over 40 years of history.

The system is divided in 5 different sections

– Barinitas Station: Located 1,640 MSL in the city of Mérida.
– La Montaña Station: Located 2,436 MSL.
– La Aguada Station: Located 3,452 MSL.
– Loma Redonda Station: Located 4,045 MSL.
– Pico Espejo Station: Located 4,765 MSL at the Pico Espejo

icon-itinerary Included


– Ticket include all the 4 stations for a day use

NOT Included


– Gratuities to Staff
– Optional excursions around the stations


icon-itinerary Additional information

– Mukumbari is a timotes indigenous name from more thant 500 years ago that means “a place where the sun sleeps” as they called Bolivar Peak (4893 MSL) the Highest Mountains of Venezuela.
– It is the top landmark of Merida and Venezuelan Andes
– You can only purchase tickets the same day of your departure with international credit cards
– We don’t sell tickets but we are happy to get you the information you need for the best experience.
– Ideal hour to start is about 9am.
– Loma Redonda is where our Los Nevados tour starts

Suggested Items to Bring
– Hiking shoes
– Light cotton trousers, shorts, tee shirts, long-sleeved shirt
– Rain protection (poncho) + Head protection – baseball cap, hat or scarf
– Sun protection / sun block + insect repellent
– Small backpack for daily essentials
– Camera + memory cards and a spare battery.

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