Autana Tepuy

Min-Max Participants: 1 person- 12 people per group

icon-itinerary Itinerary

Day 1

After breakfast, we leave Puerto Ayacucho and reach Puerto Samariapo after about an hour. There, our bongos will already be waiting for us, wooden dugouts with a thatched roof that are typical of the region. After loading the equipment and food for three days on the boats, we set out for our trip on the river.

As we continue, we leave the Orinoco and enter the Río Sipapo. You will notice the difference between the brown waters of the Orinoco and the black water of the Sipapo. We will navigate on the Sipapo for about two hours and pass by some communities of Piaroa Indians, who settle in this area. We make a short stop and take a refreshing bath in the beautiful waters of the Sipapo. Around noon, we start looking for a nice place to have our lunch break.

As we continue our boat trip, we reach the tributary Río Autana, the third river we pass on our journey. From here, we can see the Cerro Pelota, a mountain that is sacred to the Piaroa Indians, and where they bury their dead. After about five hours since our departure, we arrive at the Laguna de Mapuei where we spend the night. Before dinner, you will still have time to learn about the customs and agricultural techniques of the indigenous population. Maybe you will even see a tarantula, since it is quite widespread in this region. After dinner, we will spend the evening at a romantic bonfire. Those who still look for activities can go fishing at night. (B,L,D)

Day 2

We continue for a short while to reach the Raudal de Seguera, where some Indians will be waiting for us. We will switch to smaller boats in order to get to the starting point for our hike. For about two hours, we will walk through the rainforest towards the Cerro Cuahari. On our way, you will have the opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of the jungle. As we proceed towards the peak, the vegetation changes and the trail becomes steeper.

Finally, an extraordinary sight will open up in front of us to admire both the Autana and the Cara del Indio (face of the Indian) tepuis. Below, we can spot the tiny Río Autana as well as the rainforest. After enjoying the view for a while, we return to the camp where we will have time to relax, take a bath or go fishing. Again, overnight in hammocks strung up in a Churuata, an open Indian hut. As the day before, we will let the day fade out at a bonfire. (B,L,D)

Day 3

Return to Puerto Samariapo in bongo. On our way, we can stop to take a bath in the river, and we’ll take a break for lunch. In the afternoon, arrival at Puerto Samariapo, where we will be picked up and brought back to Puerto Ayacucho. (B, L)



icon-itinerary Additional information

Suggested Items to Bring
Hiking boots and socks
River shoes or sandals with good tread and closed toes
Light cotton trousers, shorts, tee shirts, long-sleeved shirt
Rain protection (poncho)
2 bathing suits, one towel
Sun protection / sun block

Head protection – baseball cap, hat or scarf
Insect repellent
Small flash light and spare batteries
Small backpack for daily essentials
Camera with plenty of memory and a spare battery
Plastic bag for your wet clothes

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