Angel Falls & Orinoco Delta

Enjoy one of the most exciting jungle experiences of Venezuela in only 5 days.
Wildlife, indigenous communities, table top mountains, waterfalls, swamps, dense rainforest, amazing landscapes, small groups and lots of fun.
This great combinations takes you deep into the jungle of the Orinoco River and Canaima National Park; during 5 days you will be surrounded by dense jungle and swamps, Warao & Pemón indigenous communities, Wildlife of the Orinoco and amazing rock formations of Canaima National Park also known as Tepuys that encloses the tallest waterfall of the world Angel Falls.
Perfect for serious nature lovers!
We can extend this trip to 6 days.This is Osprey Expedition’s best seller.


– Visit and hike to the bottom of Angel Falls, the tallest falls on earth with 979 meters.
– Ride a canoe onto the Carrao and Churum rivers surrounded by amazing colors of different rock formations and dense jungle.
– Enjoy amazing nature away of crowds!
– Walk underneath and feel the power of Sapo Falls.
– Visit and ride a boat onto the Orinoco river, one of the biggest of America.

– Visit Warao communities, learn about their living and so much more.
– Go piranha fishing!
– Go out paddling in a small Orinoco tributary and enjoy the sounds of the jungle waking up!
– Get amazed by the wildlife of Orinoco Delta! So many species in so short time!

icon-itinerary Itinerary

Day 1

Ciudad Bolivar- Canaima National Park

The Angel Falls are located impenetrably deep inside Canaima National Park. Your tour begins with an impressive one (1) hour flight in a light aircraft to the camp, close to the Laguna de Canaima, from which you can see a beautiful group of waterfalls including Hacha Falls. After a tasty lunch in the indigenous village you will be taken across the lagoon and past the Hacha falls in a small boat. From this side of the lagoon you will walk along the pink sand banks and up, through the jungle to the majestic Sapo Falls. From here you can swim in the pool before walking up through the jungle and behind the falls and enjoy the scenery through the powerful curtain of water. Dinner at the camp before falling asleep in beds to the sound of crickets.

Day 2

Angel Falls

After breakfast at the camp you will walk through the jungle before taking a motorized canoe along the Carrao and the Churún Rivers, to the spectacular Angel falls. As you travel along the rivers you have time to take in the lush scenery and the dramatic Tepuys and enjoy a light picnic lunch. Only when you arrive at Devil’s Canyon can you see the Angel Falls cascading over 1km from the top of the Auyán-Tepuy to the Churún river. From here you will walk up through the jungle for an hour to the Mirador Laime vantage point and then down to the rock pools near the base of the falls where you can swim in the fresh water. That night you will eat a delicious, freshly prepared meal at a camp close to the falls before falling asleep in your hammock.

Day 3

Angel Falls – Orinoco River

After breakfast and coffee at the camp you will travel back down the river to the first camp where you will eat lunch before taking a final one hours flight over the jungle to Ciudad Bolivar at about 1pm, arrival and 4 hours car transfer (250 kms) to the Orinoco pier. Dinner and overnight in comfortable bedrooms with mosquito net and private bathroom at Orinoco Queen Lodge with waterfront location located by one of the small Orinoco Delta tributaries in the middle of dense rainforest.

Day 4

Orinoco River

After breakfast join a boat tour crossing different tributaries where you can observe a wide variety of flora and fauna – water hyacinths, pink dolphins, giant river otters, anacondas, tortoises and red howler monkeys, etc. Along the riverbanks you will see Warao Indigenous villages with their unique raised dwellings (palafitos), built over the river’s edge. After lunch, it’s time to take a leisurely walk through the rainforest that surrounds the Orinoco. Here you will experience the wild, natural habitat of the virgin jungle. Once under the canopy, your Warao guide will point out edible plants which you will get a chance to taste, or if your stomach is strong enough you can try the juicy grubs that can be found living in the dead trees and vegetation! When you return to the camp, you will be able to relax before dinner. If you wish, you may take a swim in the river by the camp, or just sit and observe one of the fabulous delta sunsets. After a delicious dinner you will have the chance of enjoying the silence of the Orinoco river from the harbor of the camp or from the comfort of your room at Orinoco Queen Lodge.

Day 5

Orinoco River

The morning will see you navigate the Orinoco in search of the various species that live there- among the highlights are river dolphins and spectacled caiman in the water, capuchin and red howler monkeys up in the dense foliage, hummingbirds and kingfishers in the skies above. After returning to the camp for lunch, it’s back into the boats for a trip to some of the Warao villages and palafitos that line the riverbanks in this part of the Orinoco.
Your guide will explain about Warao culture, and the flow of the community’s daily life –a truly fascinating experience. Here we will have an opportunity to meet some of their craftsmen, and inspect some of their workmanship, first-hand. Back to camp for lunch and take a boat ride back to the Orinoco pier to continue your journey to other destinations of your itinerary.

icon-itinerary Included


– All meals & soft drinks in the excursions, except Breakfast on Day 1 & Dinner on Day 5
– English speaking native tour guide
– All land, boat and air transfers
– Rubber boots for the jungle hike
– Overnight at standard lodges with private bathroom, great location and best service
– 24/7 service

NOT Included

– Trip insurance – mandatory
– Souvenirs.
– National Park fee and airport taxes, allow US$20 per person
– Tips to staff, allow US$ 10 per person


icon-itinerary Additional information

– Join this trip ideally between May and January, rest of the year is great anyway with a few small changes.
– This tour can be shortened or even extended, ask us how!
– Soft hiking!
– Angel Falls flight over only as optional.
– Departures every day except Sundays!
– Only smalls groups!
– We can arrange hotel accommodation in Caracas and flights IN & OUT, ask us about this!
– We can run this tour with only one person!
– Fishing tours can be arranged as optional.
– Perfect as family tour!

Suggested Items to Bring
– Hiking shoes + River shoes + sandals with good tread and closed toes
– Light cotton trousers, shorts, tee shirts, long-sleeved shirt
– Rain protection (poncho) + Head protection – baseball cap, hat or scarf
– Bathing suit + Microfiber fast drying towel
– Sun protection / sun block + insect repellent
– Small flash light and spare batteries (ideally a “free hands” head torch lamp)
– Small backpack for daily essentials + plastic bag for wet clothes
– Camera + memory cards and a spare battery.
– Phone and Camera charger (110V for Venezuela)
– Phone + Whatsapp application (add our number +584143104491 beforehand)
– Cash money (at least US$ 50 per person for every 2-3 days of travelling)

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