Angel Falls Expedition

There are many unmissable sights in Venezuela but right on the top of the list, it is the truly breathtaking Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world at 979m. This amazing tour includes in/out flights Canaima from Ciudad Bolivar, you will get deeply into the amazonian jungle, accommodation in a camp close the waterfalls is also included.

Angel Falls is in the “bucket list” of every experienced traveler around the world. It is within the first top 5 destinations of South America, or maybe the first one on the list to get check marked. This is a once in a lifetime experience, this natural beauty is an icon that embraces relaxation, inspiration, freedom, adventure, all in one place: Canaima National Park. Get ready, pack light and book your international tickets, the rest we look after, meaning internal flights, transfers, accommodation, airport assistance and other services.
Join one of the best experiences of your life!

– Small groups! Enjoy nature to the max always away of crowds like all high ranked destinations of South America.
– Ride a canoe in the jungle surrounded by unique rock formations, jungle, red color water rivers, wildlife, nowhere else you will do that!
– Hike only 3 kilometers to the base of Angel Falls and get the picture you always dreamed of!

– Overnight in hammock front of Angel Falls
– Fly a light aircraft deep in the jungle with spectacular dense rainforest views from above
– Walk underneath Sapo Falls and feel the power of nature
– Take a boat and enjoy the views of Canaima Lagoon with its 4 different waterfalls.

icon-itinerary Itinerary

Day 1

Canaima Lagoon

The Angel Falls are located deeply inside Canaima National Park. Your tour begins with a flight from Ciudad Bolívar or Puerto Ordaz to the Canaima Lagoon area, from which you can see a group of four different cascades known as Hacha, Wadaima, Ucaima and Golondrina. After a tasty lunch at a local indigenous village you will be taken across the lagoon and walk along the pink sand banks and up, through the jungle to the majestic Sapo Falls. From this point and on, you may swim in the lake before walking up through the jungle and behind the falls while enjoying a great scenery through a powerful water curtain. Dinner at the camp before going to sleep (beds) to the sound of crickets. Feel free to walk in the Pemon Community and get to know a bit more about the Pemon culture.

Day 2

Angel Falls

After breakfast, you will walk through the jungle before taking a motorized canoe up Carrao and Churún rivers towards the spectacular Angel falls. As you travel along the rivers for about 4 hours, you will have the time to take in the lush scenery and the fantastic Tepuys, you will enjoy a light picnic lunch afterwards. At Devil’s Canyon, you can see the Angel Falls cascading 1km down from the top of Auyántepuy and running all the way to Churún river. From here this point, you will walk up through the jungle for about an hour to the Mirador Laime viewpoint and then down to the rock pools near the base of the falls. If you get lucky, you may swim in the freshwater of Angel Falls. After this magnificent experience, you will have a delicious, freshly meal prepared by a local Pemon at the base camp. Have a good sleep in our comfortable hammocks by the tallest fall in the world, if you have not experienced sleeping in hammocks, your tour guide will show how to get a perfect sleep as local Pemons do.

Day 3

Angel Falls-Canaima Lagoon-Ciudad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz

After a quick breakfast at the base camp, you will travel back down the river to Canaima town, lunch will be ready for you before taking a final flight over the jungle towards Ciudad Bolívar airport. Tour ends after arrival.


icon-itinerary Included


– All meals in the excursions, except Breakfast on Day 1 & Dinner on Day 3
– English speaking native tour guide
– All land, boat and air transfers
– Overnight at standard category lodge with private bathroom for one (1) night + one (1) night in hammock.
– 24/7 service

NOT Included

– Trip insurance – mandatory
– Souvenirs.
– National Park fee and airport taxes, allow US$20 per person
– Tips to staff, allow US$ 10 per person
– Flight over Angel Falls, about US$ 90 per person with minimum 4 participants


icon-itinerary Additional information

Suggested Items to Bring
– Hiking shoes + River shoes + sandals with good tread and closed toes
– Light cotton trousers, shorts, tee shirts, long-sleeved shirt
– Rain protection (poncho) + Head protection – baseball cap, hat or scarf
– Bathing suit + Microfiber fast drying towel
– Sun protection / sun block + insect repellent
– Small flash light and spare batteries (ideally a “free hands” head torch lamp)
– Small backpack for daily essentials + plastic bag for wet clothes
– Camera + memory cards and a spare battery.
– Phone and Camera charger (110V for Venezuela)
– Phone + Whatsapp application (add our number +584143104491 beforehand)
– Cash money (at least US$ 50 per person for every 2-3 days of travelling)

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